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    You watched as it fell onto the cold cement on its hands and knees with clenched fists. You were on your way home from work at only about 2:00 in the afternoon when you saw this humanoid figure collapse at your feet, covered in a crimson liquid which was not its own. It had the figure, but it was not human. The creature had emerged from the trees to the side of the nature trail you were walking on. It's skin was grey and its spine was visible. In fact, it was nothing but skin and bone. "Hello?" You crouched down and reached for its hand, immediately you pulled away and fell back onto the wet ground as it hissed loudly and pounced onto you. It held your shoulders down and stared you directly in the eyes.
    The blood on its long sharp claws soaked into your long beige trench coat. Sitting there, terrified, you squeezed your eyes shut. You feel the claws slowly lift from your shoulders and its weight slowly move off of you "I apologize," it had a male voice, he sounded like a reptile if it could talk. "I was...merely being cautious," . Understanding, you take a few napkins from your pocket and wipe the red liquid from his face with a kind smile.
    He cleared his throat awkwardly "thank you, and again, I apologize for the...inconvenience," He turned to leave, walking on all fours in a lizard-like way. You stand there for a moment then you manage to squeak a single word "wait!" He stopped and turned, giving you a confused look "yes?". You hesitate "who or what are you exactly?" He sits on the ground and looks at you "I am The Rake,".
FUCK YEAH!!! I only know of ONE of these on deviantart so I decided to try and make another one XD
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LunaLaRuna Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
hopefully more will be made in future...
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